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Our semi down draft, fully down draft spray booths are internationally known and recognized for the quality and technological advancement which continues to be unsurpassed in the industry for manufacturing.

Spray Booth 01
Guangli Automotive Paint Booths Provide The Highest Quality Solution For Painting Automotive Vehicles And Parts; Customized Spray Booths Are Available, Such As Full Down Draft Paint Booth, Side Draft Spray Booth Oven, Cross Draft Car Paint Booths Etc...
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Man Lift for Truck Booths 02
Large Bus Or Truck Paint Booths From Guangli Enable Industrial Manufacturers And Businesses To Achieve High-quality Paint Finishes, And Enjoy A Better Overall Paint Finish In A Bright, Clean And Controlled Paint Environment. We Also Design The Personal Pneumatic Man Lift To Fit Spray Booths (For Painting) And Preparation Booths.
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Auto Body Works Painting Line 03
Time Savings For Dealership Body Shops Using Guangli Booths Systems, With Prep Station, Paint Booth And Baking Booth.
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Preparation Room 04
Guangli' Prep Booth Provides A Controlled, All-in-one Work Environment For Sanding, Priming And Limited Painting. This Preparation Room From Guangli Allow For Vehicles To Be Filled, Primed, Sealed, Painted And Cured In One Location.
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Filter 05
Used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, these filters are generally made of gauze like material. This provides a small passage for air to flow through whilst also stopping larger particles. Standard air filters are designed with efficiency in filtration, as they collect debris and dust.
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Paint Mixing Room 06
Guangli' Durable Paint Mix Rooms Provide A Controlled Area For Safely Mixing Paint For Industrial Applications.
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Dust-Free Cleanroom 07
Industrial cleaning systems, class level 100-100000 dust free workshop, dust-free rooms, automatic and manual processing units in the automobile and/or producing and manufacturing industry.
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VOCs Treatment Devices 08
Exhaust Gas Treatment Device : Dry filter+Activated carbon+UV Photo-oxygen catalytic filter Purification (easy, efficient, economical)
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Products Categories

Our semi down draft, fully down draft spray booths are internationally known and recognized for the quality and technological advancement which continues to be unsurpassed in the industry for manufacturing.

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GZ GUANGLI EFE Co.,Ltd. combines technology, industry and trade together and is a diversified industrial enterprise mainly engaged in the development , production and marketing of automobile maintenance equipment, Such as Spray Booth and Car Lifts.  It is a director unit of China Automobile Maintenance Equipment Association Maintenance Equipment Association. GZ GUANGLI EFE Co.,Ltd. is one of the first automobile spray/baking booth manufactures in China, now the largest automobile spray/baking booth manufacturer in South China and enjoys a good reputation among China's automobile maintenance enterprises. The new factory covering an area of 60000m2 has put into production. Our main products are Guangli Brand and Ritian Brand Spray Booth and Car Lifts Products are sample-tested to be qualified by the State quality supervision and inspection department and environmental protection department. Our Spray Booth and Car lift not only sold well at home but also exported to 40 different countries. Guangli brand spray booth and lift have been approved and authorized by the following car manufacturers in China:Guandzhou Honda, Dongfong Honda, FWA Toyota, Guangzhou Toyota, Dongfon Puigeu , BMW South China, Chery Auto, Dongnan Auto, Foton Motor, Hafei Auto. GZ GUANGLI EFE Co.,Ltd. has more than 90 sales service centers and offices to provide to joint warranty throughout China. They provide automobile repair workshops and service stations with professional, reliable, timely and quality all-round services. Adhering to the principle of customer foremost, quality first, Guangli enterprise is completely devoted to the development, design production and marketing of products, tries its best to make products more practical, beautiful and reliable. We welcome friends from any sectors to give supervision and guidance to our products. We sincerely thank automobile repair sector for their consistent help and support us.
About Us
  • Quality Assurance

    As a full-service manufacturer, we offer a complete team of in-house designers and engineers to guarantee the paint booths quality.

  • Worry-free after sales

    Guangli Technical Services department and a local distributor are available to assist you with any emergency repairs or maintenance issues to ensure your booth is always running in peak condition.

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Looking for Paint Spray Booths?


Looking for Paint Spray Booths?
Guangli brand newly installation of spray paint booths for Bentley Shop. Whether you're starting a shop or adding car painting services to your shop, automotive paint booths are great investments. The...
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    How to Make Buying a Paint Booth Easier
    Feb 05, 2021
    Several Steps to begin the process of buying a new paint booth. *Compare paint booth suppliers. When selecting a spray booth supplier, be sure to choose a company that is experienced in the industry, ...
  • Spray booths system for auto body shops


    Spray booths system for auto body shops
    Oct 12, 2020
    For the best and fast repair the collision cars, Guangli design the paint spray booths system for auto body shops. The spray booths system including putty,primer,masking,top coating,painting and bakin...
  • Some Ways to Keep Your Spray Booth good


    Some Ways to Keep Your Spray Booth good
    Jul 15, 2020
    Spray paint booths are designed to keep dirt and moisture away from the sensitive spray or paint processes inside. Here introduce a few maintenance tips that can significantly extend the lifespan of a...
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