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  • Looking for Paint Spray Booths?


    Guangli brand newly installation of spray paint booths for Bentley Shop. Whether you're starting a shop or adding car painting services to your shop, automotive paint booths are great investments. They help you control the work environment to complete car paint jobs fast and safely. Also it could he...

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  • How to Make Buying a Paint Booth Easier


    Several Steps to begin the process of buying a new paint booth. *Compare paint booth suppliers. When selecting a spray booth supplier, be sure to choose a company that is experienced in the industry, has engineers on staff, validates the performance of its products, and works with national safety an...

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  • Spray booths system for auto body shops


    For the best and fast repair the collision cars, Guangli design the paint spray booths system for auto body shops. The spray booths system including putty,primer,masking,top coating,painting and baking booths. high-quality combined stations including either complete or sectional vertical ventilation...

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  • Some Ways to Keep Your Spray Booth good


    Spray paint booths are designed to keep dirt and moisture away from the sensitive spray or paint processes inside. Here introduce a few maintenance tips that can significantly extend the lifespan of a spray booth and reduce the risk of contamination. 1. The staffs who need to use a spray booth shoul...

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  • How to make a dust free workshop


    Guangli new design custom cleanroom solution for your company so that you can deliver safer, higher-quality products to your customers. Our cleanroom products are currently operating in five continents and dozens of countries worldwide. We offer dust free workshop compliant with levels 100 - 100,000...

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  • Disinfection channel for vehicles or people


    Disinfection channel for vehicles or people Guangli brand GL2020QS Vehicle Disinfection Channel unit is designed to quickly, effectively disinfect transportation vehicle or people need go inside hygiene protection area, or go out from some contaminated area. When the vehicle or people go through the...

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