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Europe Standard Auto Spray Paint Booth for Sale

You maybe have some items to paint in a spray booth, like cars, trucks, boats, planes, parts and furniture, no matter what size, industry or application, we can design to fit your needs
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Full Downdraft Auto Paint Spray Booth
Spray paint booths represent one of the greatest improvements made toward cost-effective productivity in modern manufacturing. You maybe have some items to paint in a spray booth, like cars, trucks, boats, planes, parts and furniture, no matter what size, industry or application, we can design to fit your needs.

This car paint booth is considered as the most ideal model for the auto repair shops of our customers from home and abroad. It is usually applicable for both car repair factories and common car 4S shops in those countries or regions where the environmental protection is demand.

External Dimension (mm)

Internal Dimension (mm)

Gate Size (mm)

Total Power (kW)




About 17


1. The car spray booth adopts the fire-resistantrock wookinsulation board. The wallboard is 50mm thick,double face steel plate is 0.6mm thick. The roof panel is formed by high-quality galvanized sheets.

2. The door leaf utilizes the tempered glass, and it is fixed by the flame-resistant adhesive tape.3 folded sheet metal process without frame, 50mm rock wool with 0.6mm galvanized sheet(double face), 5mm safety

tempered square glass observation windows

3. The frame of the chamber is fixed with galvanized steel sheets.

4. The platform is assembled withsteel structure basement, 300mm depth, it is configured with all galvanized gridsadditionally

5. Two ramps ofsteel metal grids.

AirMake-up System

1. The airintakeand exhaust fans respectively adopt a 7.5kW single-inlet centrifugal fan with its air capacity of 25,000m3/h.

2. The fan cabin of our car spray booth is constructed from coated profiles and galvanized steel plates. The air is supplied from the back. The exhaust duct is composed of superior-quality galvanized steel sheets and professionally manufactured flanges. The air velocity is0.25-0.30m/s.

3. The entire system is equipped with Air inlet system and exhaust system, each with 1 pneumatic damper, thus making sure that both internal and external circulation is accurate.

Purification System

1. The high-quality filter screen is used for the primary filtration of intake air. It can effectively catch the dust particles with the diameter of over 10μm.

2. The highly efficient filter at the top of our car spray booth adopts the fire-resistant filter screen made in Italy. It succeeds in seizing the granules with the diameter of over 4μm.

3. The floor filter is made from fiberglass in the Netherlands. A differential pressure gauge is utilized. The TSP value is no more than 1.4mg/m3.

Heating System

1. The G20 type burner gives a maximum heating value of 180,000kcal/kg.

2. The exchanger of our car spray booth is made from the high-quality stainless steel in use of argon-arc welding technology. It is also configured with the anti-explosion vent.

3. The surface of heat generator has gone through the spraying and coating process. The electric actuator realizes the automatic transfer of paint spraying and curing.

4. The maximum temperature reaches 80℃, and the heating rate is 5 to 7min at a temperature range from 20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. The rate of oil consumption is 4 to 6m3 per unit.

Illumination System

1.On the side of the ceiling, there are56 pieces of 18W LED lamps. On the side of the waist, there are40 pieces of 18W LED tubes.

2. The intensity of illumination is more than 1200Lux. Moreover, the tempered glass and high temperature line are equipped.

Electric Control System

1. This car spray booth comes with an intelligent control system. The whole operation is set to be completed for only once.

2. The main circuit is designed with multi-protection.

3. In addition, this system can automatically display the entire working process and fault conditions.

4. Other available functions include the lighting switch, temperature and time settings, constant-temperature paint spraying, paint-curing switch, emergency stop switch, failure alarm, timer, and some others.

Main parts showing of this car paint booth

Guangli Spray booths pack well enough to avoid damages while shipping, packaged paint booth parts are carefully handled by forklifts to ensure the product intact throughout its logistics.

Our experienced team works intimately with customers to design and build automotive paint booth, furniture paint booth and large industrial paint booth that are custom-tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Real case spray booths from customers showing.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.