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custom spray booth
Custom Spray Booth
R&D and sales team

GZ Guangli has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing paint booths. As a company specializing in providing custom spray booth, we have been continually investing in equipment, software and a large amount of funds for technical development and improvement. Besides, we have compound talents who have demonstrated in their fields and long-term partnerships with STU Laboratory and many universities of combined production, study and research, aiming at ensuring we are at the forefront of automotive paint booth market.

Our experienced team works intimately with customers to design and build automotive paint booth, furniture paint booth and large industrial paint booth that are custom-tailored to the specific needs of our customers. GZ Guangli is certified in accordance with ISO9001 quality management system, our products have been awarded the CE marking and CCS (China Classification Society) certificate and granted a number of patents. GZ Guangli’s paint booths have achieved breakthrough results in intelligent manufacturing technologies.

7m spray booth7m spray booth
15m big paint booth15m big paint booth
Generator on top spray boothGenerator on top spray booth
8.5m non-standard spray booth8.5m non-standard spray booth
14m twin paint booth+baking booth14m twin paint booth+baking booth
29m industrial paint booth29m industrial paint booth
Customizing Your Paint Booth

The size of every paint booth is custom manufactured to accommodate your installation site, budget and product being painted.

Airflow Style

Before starting the production of paint booth, we design an effective airflow style to dry painted surfaces rapidly, avoiding negative pressure and dead air spaces caused by high filter resistance that can impact the painting effect.

Full downdraftFull downdraft
Side downdraftSide downdraft
Sheet Metal
Sheet Metal

We offer sheet metal with thickness options of 0.326mm, 0.426mm, 0.6mm, 0.9mm to meet specific demands on rigidity and strength of wall panels.

Wall Panels
Machine-made wall panel Machine-made wall panel
Manual-made wall panel Manual-made wall panel

Our wall panels are manufactured utilizing Italian automatic wall panel production line, featuring high precision and durability. All wall panels are double edge banded for superior look, and male & female clip-in system allows easy assembly of panels while ensuring perfect joining.

Waterborne Paint Device

On the basis of common oil-based paint booth, we adopt air acceleration system to speed up the drying time of waterborne and solvent-based paints and to increase the productivity. Waterborne paint booth is equipped with four 0.75kw centrifugal fans to enable the hot air flowing at a higher velocity over the vehicle. As it turns out, the water is evaporated quickly from the surface of the painted times, thus accelerating the drying process while providing smooth paint surface.

1. Ceiling mounted air acceleration system

The air acceleration system features air nozzles which are laid at a 45 degree angle on both sides inside the booth, enabling the heat to be distributed evenly over the vehicle. The uniform balance of air ventilation is guaranteed by adding two sets of air ducts placed below the upper lights on both sides, each set of duct has 20 vents and every 10 vents have a centrifugal fan.

Ceiling mounted air acceleration system integrates light box, light fixtures and air duct, the blowers are mounted at ceiling plenum.Ceiling mounted air acceleration system integrates light box, light fixtures and air duct, the blowers are mounted at ceiling plenum.
Installation at a 45 degree angle on both sides of the boothInstallation at a 45 degree angle on both sides of the booth
Stainless steel air nozzlesStainless steel air nozzles

2. Corner mounted blowers with light fixture

Corner mounted blowers with light fixture

3. Corner mounted blowers without light fixture

Corner mounted blowers without light fixture
Infrared Paint Curing Lamp
Infrared Paint Curing Lamp
Infrared Paint Curing Lamp
Infrared Paint Curing Lamp
Model GL304
Curing area 6.9×4×2.7m
Lamp tube type Short wave quartz halogen lamp tubes
Lamp tube quantity 3pcs×1000W
Power supply 220V,50HZ
Operation power 9V
Curing distance 700mm
Insulation Material
Insulation MaterialEPS
Insulation MaterialRockwool

We offer two options of insulation materials, i.e. EPS and rockwool, you can choose the insulation materials according to your budget or local standard. Rockwool has better thermal insulation performance.

Established in 1994, GZ Guangli has been focusing on manufacturing automotive paint booths, bus paint booths and automotive body paint lines for almost three decades. Among the current competition in the country, we are the oldest car spray booth manufacturing factory. Our manufacturing processes for paint booth production covers sheet metal processing, machining, punching, bending, welding, cutting, etc. GZ Guangli is well-known in the industry as it is at the forefront of the productivity and sales over the years in the domestic paint booth market. Our paint booths have been awarded the CE certificate, CCS (China Classification Society) certificate, ETL certificate, CU-TR certificate, SGS certificate, etc. We have provided products and service for a number of customers in automotive industry, such as GAC Toyota, Fiat, GAC Mitsubishi, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen, Chery Automobile, JAC, Southeast Motor, BMW, Audi, FAW Toyota, FAW Mazda, FAW Hongqi, and more.


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