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Truck Spray Paint Booth GL10

Standard truck paint booths from 15m in length, with widths and heights starting at 4m. Custom sizes are available, can be use for trains, planes, steamship and heavy-duty construction equipments. Although full downdraft capability is often desirable, cross exhaust versions are offered. Single or double skin fully insulated cabins.
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    Truck/Bus Spray Pain
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  • Color:

    White Orange Yellow
  • Shipping port:

    Guangzhou/Shenzhen China
  • Lead Time:

    15 working days after geting the advance
  • Product Details

Description | GL10 Truck Spray Painting Booth/Bus Paint Booth
Cutom Big Truck Booths are designed for repairing, painting and baking such as large bus, truck, boat, agricultural vehicle, industry machine,  aircraft etc. Most of orders are customized according clients requirement.

  • Standard Truck Spray Booth Specifications:

1. The main room:
*Wall panel:EPS Sandwich style, Thickness  50mm. rock wool optional
*Basement: Concrete Structure made by the customers, 2 rows of grids
*Door: 4 pieces of front door without aluminum side cover. 2 pieces of emergency door with pressure lock.

2. Generator System:
*Two units of 11 kw intake fans and two units of 11 kw exhaust fans. 

*2 pieces of floor filter and 2 pieces of air mouth filter.

*2 sets of exhaust/intake ducts, 5 meters straight, one 90° bend, and one 60° bend each.

*2sets of chimney, 5 meters straight and 2 small bends. 

*2 sets of manual VCD exhaust/intake dampers, electrical VCD as optional. 

*Spraying/baking transition damper, automatically air controlled.

3. Light system:
Upper light: 20 sets, 4*18w per set. side lights: 16 sets,4*18w.

4. Heat system:
Heat ex-changer: stainless steel. 2 units of RIELLO RG5S burners.
Roof filter: 16 pieces of filter, mounted above support frame, which is made of steel and powder coated.

5. Control system:
Control box: imported components, overload, overheat, phase-lacking, 
phase-lacking protection , engine star-delta start.
Automatically stop when preset time is up.Constant temperature spraying.
Environmental filter :either M style or drawer style active carbon equipment can be adopted.

Technical Specifications


External size(m) (LxWxH) 15.2×6.7×5.0
Internal size(m) (LxWxH) 15.0×5.0×4.4
Door width(m) 4.0

Door height(m)

Air flow ( m3/h) 72000
Inside on-load air speed(m/s) 0.3-0.35
Water-based Paint Device As option
Temperature() 20-80
Power (Kw) 50
Color Orange,Blue,Red,White
Exhaust type


  • Air Exhaust Way Option

  • Successful case in Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Russia federation, European area, Mid-east, Africa and The United State etc more than 60 countries.

  • Pneumatic man lift for option

The use of a pneumatic 3D man lift in a truck spray booth increases efficiency and productivity by enabling easy access to all parts of the booth's walls. It allows technicians to work comfortably at various heights, resulting in better paint coverage and quality.

Incorporating a pneumatic man lift into a truck spray booth ensures improved accessibility, safety, and performance, contributing to a more efficient and effective painting operation.

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Send A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.