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OEM Auto Midsize Bus Spray Paint Booth GL2000-B1

Guangli automotive equipment offers quality and the best prices when it comes to bus spray booth. Europe standard auto paint booths are available in different sizes and configurations.
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    Mid Bus Spray booth
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    L/C T/T
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    Orange Red Blue White
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    7 workdays after receiving deposit
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Description | GL2000-B1 CE Spray Booth Feature: 

Bus paint booths are designed for cars and other heavy vehicles. The height, width & depth can be customized as per requirement. The spray booth is pre-centres for fast assembly. The modular booths are easy to assemble.

Main body & basement:

  1. Wall panel: Sandwich style, Thickness=50mm, polystyrene, rock wool available as required.
  2. Basement: Steel structure, 3 rows of vein board and 2 rows of grids, full grids as optional.
  3. Door: 3 pcs of front door without aluminum side cover. 1pcs of emergency door with pressure lock.
  4. Basement: Steel structure, 3 rows of vein board and 2 rows of grids, full grids as optional.
  5. Ramp: 2 pcs vein board

Fans & ducts:

  1. One 11kw intake fan and one 7.5kw exhaust fan.
  2. 5m straight exhaust ducts, one 90° bend, and one 60° bend. 5m straight chimney and 2 small bends.
  3. Damper changer of painting and drying: Changed automatically with cylinder-link driving.

Burner & filters:

  1. Heat ex-changer: Stainless steel. Riello/ G20S burner.
  2. Roof filter: 5 pcs of filter, mounted above support frame, which is made of steel and powder coated.
  3. 2 pcs of floor filter and 1 pcs of outlet filter.
  4. Upper light: 12 sets, 4*18w per set. LED
  5. Control box: Imported components, overload, overheat, phase-lacking, phase-locking protection, engine Y/△ start.
  6. Automatically stop when preset time is up.
  7. Constant temperature spraying.
    Model GL2000-B1
    External size (m) 8.7x5.63x4.23
    Internal size (m) 8.6x4.0x3.4
    Entrance Width(m) 3.0
    Entrance Height(m) 3.35
    Fan capacity(m3 /h) 35000
    Air velocity (m/s) 0.25-0.3
    Air ventilation (times/h) 332
    Drying Temperature 60-80
    Water-based paint device As option
    Oil consumption (L/unit) 6-8
    Power (kw) 20.5
    Suitable Automobile Type Mid-size bus

Guangli have established a reliable way of packing the materials and transporting them across the country. This system ensures the booth will arrive undamaged and without excessive shipping costs. 

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Send A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.