•  Spraying Waterworks Process Flow
    • 2018-05-29

    Spray waterworks Process flow refers to the division of flow patterns in different functional areas in a blow room spray shop. According to the time-consuming degree of each process, how much the...

  •  Spraying Waterworks Hardware Flow
    • 2018-05-29

    Spraying waterworks Hardware flow refers to the hardware, the special shop to carry out large-scale transformation of the spray shop, installation of rails and the special design of the barn and ...

  • Auto Show in Beijing China
    • 2018-04-03

    Recently in Beijing China It is holding a large Auto show which is focus on the automobile maintenance and repair, include as below: Spray booth/Paint booth Garage Equipment Tyre Repair Equipment &...

  • How to use spray gun correctly when painting a car
    • 2018-01-03

    Prepare and adjust Spray gun Spray guns and related equipment should be clean and in normal working order prior to spray application. Check that the spray gun produces the desired spray pattern. The i...

  • Chose a special large repair shop or small to go when car painting?
    • 2017-12-26

    First of all, all places, even including the original car, the car is installed, the paint will not use what the "original paint!" If the repair shop to tell you that they are using the "original pain...

  • Why choose a qualified 4S repair shop when the car be met accident?
    • 2017-10-10

    With the economic development, more and more people have a car, car accidents are more up, when how to choose to repair it, 4S repair shop is your best choice in China Advantages 1, the credibility of...

  • Toyota and Mazda establish co-operation relationship
    • 2017-08-15

    Foreign media reported that Toyota and Mazda announced the establishment of capital cooperation, the future or common in the United States to form a joint venture factory research and development of e...

  • Toyota will produce pure electric vehicles in China in 2019
    • 2017-07-25

    Recently, the Japanese media reported that Toyota will be the first in 2019 production in China pure electric vehicles. At the same time, Toyota also said that the hope that by 2025 its pure electric ...

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