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Electric Heating Car Spray Paint Booth

Jun 08, 2018

Electrical heating Spray Booth is heating by the electric, some place the electric cost is lower than the gas and diesel, so they choose electric power.

The whole electric Paint booth is the assembly structure, the room body adopts the shedding type insulation spray wall plate, the sealing and thermal insulation performance is good, the aluminum alloy side door and the center of the door are equipped with observation window. The room body can observe the dynamic inside the room at any time; the side of the room is equipped with working door, it is convenient for the staff to get in and out, the high quality stainless steel heat exchanger is used, the heat exchange efficiency is high and the use is used. Long life; choose imported filter cotton, low noise and high volume fan to ensure the perfect effect of spray painting.

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Electric Spray paint room provides spray for workpiece:

(1) Clean working environment;

(2) Fully collect paint mist. The spray painting room can be configured in a variety of ways according to the size, shape, weight and production program of the workpiece: open and closed, continuous and intermittent; the workpiece is self rotating or fixed; there are single and bilateral spray points.

The Electric Spray booth structure should include: the equipment is mainly composed of the chamber, the air supply system, the air exhaust system, the air filter system, the lighting system, the heating system, the electronic control system, the safety system and so on.

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