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How to find out the solution when Spray booth broken 2017-06-02 17:51:39

Sometimes the spray booth will stop working when customer use it painting cars, then we have to analyze the reasons and find out it, fix it. Usually we do as below:

GL1-CE Rear Exhaust Economy Car Spray Paint Booth with Infrared Light

Malfunction 1.

Annunciator light of burner turns on after it start 20 seconds  

Cause and solution:

1.Lacking of oil in the oil tank ---------Add oil

2.Leakage from pipe connect port---------connecting the pipe again

3.It is dirty for the filter of oil pipe------- clean the filter

4.It’s dirty for the electric eye--------take-down the electric controller and clean the electric eye

Malfunction 2

It appeared black smoking after lighted the burner

Cause and solution:

1.It is too small for the damper of burner----adjust damper until without black smoking

2.It is wrong of pump pressure-------readjust until it is correct

Malfunction 3

The pump of burner doesn’t move

Cause and solution:

1.The pump is blocked----- check and clean the pump

2.reach the pre-set time----re-set timer

3.reach the pre-set temperature----re-set the temperature

Malfunction 4

Fan capacity is too small of the spray booth

Cause and solution:

1.Air pre-filter is blocked-----clean or change the air pre-filter

2.the damper hasn’t opened or open position not completely----check open position of damper, let it opened completely

Malfunction 5

Temperature rise slow

Cause and solution:

1.The damper hasn’t closed or closing position not completely---- Check closing position of the damper and adjust the closing position

Malfunction 6

Fans can’t start

Cause and solution:

1.Fusing----change the new fuse

2.Thermal relay in operation----push button of reposition

3.Motor, wires’ circuit breaker----replace new motor and wires.

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