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How to save money when cars broken 2017-10-16 10:23:29

1. minor repair their own hands

For another air filter, install a light bulb such a small live completely unnecessary on the 4S shop, light queuing had to wait for an hour, have to catch a high working hours, there is time to finish their own. So like this kind of primary car knowledge, should have given yourself some tutoring. Like brake light bulbs such parts are loss of goods, even if the new car is also inevitable damage, so as long as you carefully study the car tail light simple structure, you can go to the street to spend 5 dollars to buy a light bulb, and then their own hands for the car for On, so that both save the queuing of the pain, but also increased the exchange of love between the car, can be described as two birds with one stone.

2. Maintenance to the fast repair center

General household cars every 5,000 kilometers to be carried out oil, machine filter replacement, if the times to 4S shop replacement, time-consuming, laborious, but also cost money. So for this kind of no technical content of the live can be assured to the community quickly repair shop care. If the shop to provide oil and other raw materials are not enough rest assured that you can go to the 4S shop to buy bottles of oil, and then go to the shop to spend 10 minutes to solve the problem, so that up to pay 20 yuan wages, but also Free repair workers on the chassis, the tire of the detailed examination, why not it?

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3. Susceptibility to 4S shop free diagnosis

Now the cars are equipped with complex electronic systems and sophisticated mechanical components, in the event of a larger failure, definitely not roadside stalls or auto parts can be resolved. Want to repair a complex structure of modern cars, in addition to have a wealth of professional experience, the more important is to rely on extremely advanced electronic equipment auxiliary maintenance, and this is what those shops do not have, then you have to believe Brand store strength. Now 4S shop in order to win customers basically fault detection is free, so you can run a few more 4S shop first test the root causes of failure, if several stores are given the same answer, it can basically determine the problem where the The But then you do not have to rush to pay repair, if the maintenance process is not complicated, then you can buy accessories from the 4S store, and then to the auto parts to find repair shop, of course, if the electronic device, it is best not to Province that money.

4. Overhaul to be professional

Cars are sophisticated machines, superficial small faults can also count on those "guerrillas", but if you really encounter a greater failure, then you have to go to a professional 4S shop. For the maintenance of the engine, gearbox, chassis, computer and other parts, my point of view is sure to repair the 4S shop. Give me a personal experience of the example of it, a friend of the Bora, had only slightly engine oil, the results in a small repair shop after the repair have been unable to beat the car, high-speed sound and many other inexplicable problems, the last that Friends had to spend money to 4S shop for a thorough repair, the results inside and outside also lost a thousand dollars. So, here also to remind you that the key parts of the fault, we must choose 4S shop repair.

5. Do not blindly follow the original accessories

To their own Jetta, for example, the air head of the air filter outside the plastic box in the 4S shop to buy more than 200 yuan, while the auto parts of the city 80 yuan a sub-factory streets are, according to my visual quality is not bad The So I did not hesitate to Auto Parts City, selected vice factory, has been used for more than two years, there is no problem. In fact, the election of vice plant is also a principle: 1. Like this plastic parts, even if the deputy factory is not as durable as the original, it will not let your car immediately broke down, big deal 80 yuan and then one; Air filter plastic box does not belong to the core of the car body, if there is a problem will not cause permanent damage to the car; Like the brake pads, tubing, belts and other key components of these I will definitely not use the deputy factory, because the quality of sub-factory accessories, after all, unreliable, if these key parts of the problem, then you can save money.

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