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Paint Booth Explanation

Mar 12, 2021

You maybe have some items to paint in a spray booth, like cars, trucks, boats, planes, parts and furniture, no matter what size, industry or application, the basic structural design of a paint booth is essentially the same. Spray paint booths are either fully enclosed (with walls or doors on all sides) or feature an open front (without walls or doors in the front of the booth). The booths can be standalone pieces.

To use a spray booth can be ensuring that paint jobs are done faster, safer and cleaner. The most important function of a spray booth is to contain paint overspray, keeping your employees and the environment safe. By confining the application of hazardous material to a controlled environment, paint booths provide a clean environment in which to paint.

Besides, using a paint booth can offer a contaminant-free environment and significantly improve paint jobs quality. Before air enters the paint booth, it is filtered through high-efficiency filters that prevent small dirt and dust particles from coming into the booth and landing in your paint job. Cleaner paint jobs also means less rework, saving businesses valuable time.

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