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Nov 10, 2020

We are specialized in the design, manufacture and sale for spray paint booth, automotive spray paint booth, car spray paint booth, bus spray paint booth and industrial spray paint booth, has successfully exported our products to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Middle east ect.. and get a positive feedback. We own the factory in Guangzhou of China, all the customer are welcomed to visit our factory. The competitive price and high quality of our products can be very helpful to your business.

Using top grade basic material and advanced tools and machinery, all our products are designed and developed at per with the universally accepted norms and quality values. Widely appreciated and acknowledged in the industry for their long life and seamless finishing, these offered products are highly demanded. Moreover, the complete range is checked by us on a number of norms and quality values before finally shipping at the end of our customers.

Find quality industrial paint booth products at Accudraft, including exhaust walls, enclosed paint booths, open face booths, powder application booths; Call us today 008613925061383

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