Painting Line
What is the Painting Line 2017-08-29 08:57:27

These years more and more people buy cars and many customer find to us to establish a work shop for the car repairs, when we reduce the painting line to them, they don’t know it.

High Quality Auto Body Works Painting Line for Car Service

The drawing of the painting line

1.The Painting Line combines all processes together, and the auto is carried by movable jacks on rail to enter the line.

2.The processes, panel beating, puttying, drying putty, spraying primer, drying primer, sanding, sheltering, spraying paint, drying paint, polishing, re-assembly, are all combined into one line.

3.The side walls can be designed as rolling doors open up and downwards for autos to pass conveniently

4.The line is mainly used for autos with small damage.

Process of Painting Line

Dismantling - Panel Beating - Puttying - Spraying Primer - Sanding - Sheltering - Spraying Paint - Drying - Polishing - Reassembly


·Sanding, Spraying Primer, and Spraying / Baking Booth are must-have stations.

·All stations are internal connected, and autos can be moved with movable jacks.

·The height of booths is same.

So now do you know what is the Painting line.

Offer BY The Automobile Spray Paint Booth Solution Provider: GZ Guangli Spray Booth Factory.


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