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Downdraft Automobile Spray Paint Booth Design GL-B2

Whether you need a crossdraft, semi-downdraft, sidedraft, or downdraft paint booth, we can absolutely offer you a proposal.
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    Automobile Spray Booth
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    Guangzhou/Shenzhen China
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    15 workdays after receiving deposit
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Spray Booth Specification:

Guangli GL-B series spray booths are engineered to deliver high airflow and fast curing speeds while keeping the level of CE standard or Australia standard, making the environment both efficient and safe.

Main room & generator system:

Wall panel: choi steel + polystyrene material.

wall panel vertical type installation, rock wool is optional.      
Basement:  steel structure, 3 tons rated load.
Intake/Exhaust Fan: the total air flow volume is 24000m³/h.
Spraying/baking transition damper: cylinder driving mechanism.

Lighting & Burner system:
Heat ex-changer: made of stainless steel, cycling heating.
Burner: RIELLO /G20.
Roof filter: hinged type network installation.
Upper light: 10 sets, Side light: 8 sets.

Control system:
Control box: imported components, overload, overheat, phase-lacking, phase-locking protection.
Spraying:  with functions of constant temperature spraying.
Environmental filter: activated carbon as optional.

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Send A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.