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CE Standard Auto Paint Booth GL2000-A1

A downdraft paint booth is an enclosed booth that generates air from the top of the booth all the way to the bottom of the booth and needs either a pit or a raised basement in order to work properly.
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    Spray Booth
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    Orange White Blue Red
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    7 days after receiving earnest money
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Our factory carry a selection of automotive paint booth equipment, including full downdraft booths, semi downdraft, side downdraft, and crossdraft booths. This is by far the best type of booth you can have because it is the most efficient and it is extremely clean. 

CE Approved High Quality Automo Paint Booth for Car Service

*Main room & basement:
Wall panel: sandwich style, δ=50mm, rock wool,polystyrene is available as required.
Basement: steel structure, 3 rows of vein board and 2 rows of grids, full grids as optional.
Door: 3 pcs of front door without aluminum side cover. 1pcs of emergency door with pressure lock.
Ramp: 2 pcs of vein board.

*Fans & ducts:
One 7.5kw intake fan and one 5.5kw exhaust fan.
4m straight exhaust ducts, one 90° bend, and one 60° bend.5m straight chimney and 2 small bends.
Spraying/baking transition damper, automatically air controlled.

*Heating & filter:
Heat ex-changer: stainless steel. Riello G20 burner.
Roof filter: 4 pcs of filter, mounted above support frame,which is made of steel and powder coated.
2 pcs of floor filter and 1 pcs of outlet filter.

*Light & control box
Upper light: 10 sets, 4*40w per set. Side lights: 8sets,2*40w.
Control box: components is import, overload, overheat, phase-lacking protection, engine Y/△ start.
Automatically stop when preset time is up.Constant temperature spraying.
Environmental filter: adopt  either M style or drawer style active carbon equipment.

Technical Specifications


External size(m) (LxWxH) 7.0×5.3×3.5
Internal size(m) (LxWxH) 6.9×3.9×2.7
Door width(m) 3.0

Door height(m)

Air flow ( m3/h) 30000
Inside on-load air speed(m/s) 0.3-0.35
Water-based Device As option
Temperature() 20-80
Power (Kw) 25
Color Orange,Blue,Red,White
Vehicle suited Saloon car
Exhaust type


Spray Booth Ventilation Design

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