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Disinfection channel for vehicles or people

Disinfection channel for vehicles or people


Disinfection channel for vehicles or people

Guangli brand GL2020QS Vehicle Disinfection Channel unit is designed to quickly, effectively disinfect transportation vehicle or people need go inside hygiene protection area, or go out from some contaminated area.

When the vehicle or people go through the channel, the infrared sensor will be activating, it will automatically start spraying for disinfection the target which go through the channel. Vehicle Disinfection system widely used in farm, pig house, cattle house, poultry house, customs border, transportation center, airport,

Technical specification

Installation size: 7000*4500*3000mm(optional)

Channel internal size: 7000*3500*2700mm(optional)

Spraying disinfection time: 5s

Voltage/Hz: 220V/50Hz(optional)

Power: 1000W

For Pricing and other details, Please call us at China +86-13925061383

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