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How to Make Buying a Paint Booth Easier

How to Make Buying a Paint Booth Easier

Several Steps to begin the process of buying a new paint booth.
*Compare paint booth suppliers.
When selecting a spray booth supplier, be sure to choose a company that is experienced in the industry, has engineers on staff, validates the performance of its products, and works with national safety and environmental organizations. Guangli factory is spray booth manufacturer with 25yrs history. It is the oldest in the industry in China. Our Product is completed with CE certificate, Australia standard and ISO quality approved. Trust us to begin first step.
*Determine the best size for your booth
Identify the type and size of the products you will be painting to make sure there is adequate space and airflow through your future paint booth. Guangli can provide you customize spray booth that you require. Whatever size you need, we can design for you.
*Decide on the type of spray booth you need
Different processes and applications will influence the type of paint booth you require. Do you need it for furniture painting? Car painting? Or workpiece painting? Understand your process, this will help to narrow down the options available to you and help you find spray booths with the features and options that matter most to you.
*Pick an airflow
After you have selected the industry and type of booth that fits your application and budget, you can select an airflow way, it is including downdraft, semi down draft, crossdraft, and side exhaust. Choose the style that the product you are painting gets the best possible finish. You may discuss with our engineer to decide if you need help.
Lastly, wish you purchase a perfect spray booth. Call us for more informations.
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