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Automotive Sheet metal Repair operation Introduction

Automotive Sheet metal Repair operation Introduction


Automotive Sheet metal Repair operation Introduction

1, Car body structure: students understand the classification and form of the car, the load when the type of load, safety, fuel economy, comfort, durability and other technical characteristics and requirements, to bear the load of mechanical knowledge.

2. The main dimensions of the car, parameters and wheelbase, track front suspension size, frame width and length of the method to determine the impact of the machine on the car.

3, Sheet metal repair commonly used tools and equipment and loft: trainees on the multi-functional jack, car shape repair machine, a variety of automotive sheet metal tools and commonly used tools to choose the use and understanding of the correct operation of equipment, to master a variety of commonly used tools Use methods and techniques, how to repair on the iron plate, scribe lofting, cutting. Such as the straight line,arc and so on.

4, Welding actual practice: master gas welding, gas cutting, manual arc welding operation and safe operation procedures, in the iron plate and the body on a different location of the welding, welding, spot welding, can use gas welding flame correction body panel , Depression and other external range of collision defects.

5, The car sheet metal repair operation process: master the scribe line when the reasonable match the process, the size of the different size of the workpiece:

1) How to use materials, the size of the mix, such as zero material to fight the whole, pull the set, the length of the match. Learn the straight line, arc cut method.

2) Learn the sheet material of the convex and concave, edge warping and beat correction method.

3) lLearn the commonly used sheet metal, bending, edge, side edge, curling, biting and correction methods.

6, The automotive sheet metal commonly used manual repair process: the use of a variety of special tools to repair the hammer and other tools are not easy to enter the site of some of the parts of the tensile deformation of the pressure to master the hot and cold method of correction of sheet metal and body correction, , Fill and so on. Repair of some nonmetallic vehicle components.

7, The typical car body and sheet metal damage repair: understanding of the body impact damage repair methods, pillars, beam replacement methods, including the trunk lid, the door pull, reinforcement pull, support and adjustment.

8. Car front and rear bumper disassembly, installation and commissioning of the door, the door of the correction and maintenance, water tank condenser, the former beam correction, the former large frame repair replacement, the greater the accident correction of the car, the whole car plastic parts Plastic repair, door lift maintenance replacement, body accessories and interior parts of the disassembly.

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