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Negeri Sembilan & Malacca Automobile Repaires Association Visit GL Spray Booth & Car Lifts Factory

2017-4-14 It is a big day to GL Spray booth and Car lifts factory, because there are more than 28 Malaysia businessmen to visit our factory who are from Negeri Sembilan & Malacca Automobile Repaires Association of Malaysia, they focus on the Car repair and maintenance industrial area inMalaysiamany years. All staffs of GL Spray booth factory feel so happy and excited and welcome them and looking forward to establish friendly business relations.

At 10:00 am they arrive GL Spray booth factory and take some photos at the office building, all of them are feel so happy after view GL factory scale.

Then the BOSS Mrs Zena invite them to the meeting room, we are discussing and watching the GL Spray Booth Factory introduce Video.

During the meetingMalaysiacustomers asked many questions about Spray booth and car lifts, Mrs. Zena replied them very warmly and gave them positive response, all customers feel satisfaction.

At 11:00 am we start to view Gl Spray booth Show room and this part allMalaysiavisitors are so excited and we let our engineer Mr. Wong and Boss Mrs. Zena as the guilder, introduce the Spray booth structure and production technology.

In 2015 we important a Automatic production line from Italy and Malaysia clients know and very interesting to watch it, so we let our International business sales Manager Amiko to introduce the automatic line for them

In order to let them to see a completely productive process we arrange the Automatic line operator perform for them, all of them feel excited, take photos and all said it is very good.

Time past so fast, Lunching time is coming, as a master we sincerely invite them to a recently hotel for lunch and enjoy theGuangdongdelicious food, then send them back to hotel. They will stay inGuangzhoufor 5-6 days, becauseCantonFair is coming :).

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